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White 1995 Supra Hardtop Build

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Well as some of you may know, I worked out a deal on my friends 300ZX TT and then shortly after I had a friend call me (Mayo on here) and asked about selling it to him... Turns out he wanted the car so before I even had the title in my name, he bought it...

Since I already had the itch to buy a car because I was excited about the 300, that I started searching and found this car... It needs a little bit of tlc and a lot of boost, but it will be the project car for a while... As stated above its a white hardtop 95 Supra and currently NA automatic... Brad and I looked the car over extremely closely to make sure it was what I wanted, and without a doubt it was... We picked it up Monday evening after work... The car is as close to bone stock as it gets... It has some 19" staggered wheels on it at the moment that will be for sale soon, and other than that the car is all stock with 111k miles... The passenger side fender has been painted, and it looks like a blind man did it... No worries though as the car will be going to the paint shop soon... This chassis has always been my dream car (prior to the GT-R coming to the states) and I finally had a chance to buy one... So here it is...

Pics that were taken by the previous owner...

And here is one of the car in its new home Monday night...

And here are a pic from last night of the first fix on the car... I had to get the windows taken care of because the tint on there was bothering me... For one, the color of the tint was horrible, and also you could not even see out of the back windshield due to haziness in the film... Now that it's been fixed, I like the car even more :) Slowly but surely I will get the car to my liking...

Thanks for checking out the new project!
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Word, congrats. Can't wait to see the progression.
Very nice wheel selection, have you decided on the tire size?
Thanks Johnny! Yeah man I got 265/35 for the front and 295/35 for the rear... Fronts are on the wheels already, going to get the rears in about 10 min...

Nice! Good stuff right there... May see you at my house if you are getting it installed there...
Nice! that's gonna look mean!
Think i saw u the boro off Cason lane? Was gonna call you but lost ur number. If it was u the car sounded great!
Too lazy to go back and check but any idea when it will b out if paint and when the new transmission will go in?
dang 315's looking sick!!!

Wished i knew you was selling the 295's, im thinking about this width for the gram lights.

And can believe how much wider a 11.5 looks compared to a 11.

When can we expect the next update?
U need Johnny K to come over snap some legit pics for u.
^ this. I can put together a project plan and oversee the project. It will b done in no time.
parts looking good milon

and thxs for light pic mitch i need some of those
Looking good, hate to hear about the head work but we know how that goes.
All that money u spend on the engine and car and you dont have an engine stand? lolz.
Got to hang out Milon, Matt, Roman and Joe saturday night and early sunday morning and being that the engine was about to go in, i figure i would snap a few pics.

iPhone pics FTW.

When Roman opened the garage at 10:15 this is what the guys were doing.

Prior to the engine going in, Milon the sexy short man himself had to do a lil prep. Gotta have "protection" sometimes.

Engine going in, always good to have a few helping hands

Good times

ah nice and clean in its new home. Engine bay is perfect, wiring had been cleaned up and tucked where it can be. i like it all except for that yanky broken timing cover thats designed like that...

Few hours later ended the night by updating the checklist
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^ yea i thought the white board is a great idea. Im a check list and visual type of person. And the checklist was helpful to think of anything they missed prior to putting the engine in.

Milon has a really good group of guys helping him with the engine. Joe is one metalicous guy. When i first got there he was going through the old harness, cutting old plugs that wont be used and properly closing off those wires. Heat shrinking what needed to be covered and taped and tucked everything that he could.

Milon is gonna have a ton of ppl to respond to once he gets caught up at work, lolz...
Lolz that was pretty cool. Helping in my golf outfit like a boss!
^ dude looks like ur having a blast over where ur at. Milons been letting me bring strays over and shacking up with them in ur room lolz.
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