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I'm looking into have a pair of custom 10" sub enclosures made.

They would need to be removable, but still secured as to not slide around during driving.

Covered in some sort of carpet or material that matches the rest of my interior.

I don't want to have to modify my interior any, I want something that will set in front of the plastics.

I want them tucked as far up into the sides as possible, I'm looking to regain trunk space.

My current setup, and an idea of what I'm looking at having made.

Anyone do this themselves or reccomend a good place?

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I plan to do something like this when ever I get some extra money.
Bump I don't think it would be too hard. You looking for Custom wood box or fiberglass?
Id say wood....

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I will plan on covering it in a vynl material that match the oem plastic pattern and color ,,,,,,,,that is if I do it.

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Ive got 2 boxes if i can find them that i made to do what your wanting that are carpeted and i made them them for a 2002 celica. If i can find them and you want them ill give them to you. I just have to make sure my cousin didnt throw them away. I live in knoxville though and youll have to find away to secure them
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