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well hopefully you dont gt pulled over.
but unless you RUN i dont think he will say or do anything
you are brave

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sprayN306 said:
stupid question i know
but i made this license plate frame
and i was wonderin if i should put it on the car
or if i would just be askin to get pulled over?
I'm willing to bet that you would't be able to get away... even if the car is *point* *blank* *awesome*, I'll bet that the driver mod is a little lacking...

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whats he gonna say?? you have racing paraphanelia on your car??? as long as you obey the laws there is no reason they would look twice at you...

i say go for it dude... i wanna hear the stories behind it... lol

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Moody said:
I'll bet that the driver mod is a little lacking...
ya i been tryin to get a new one off ebay but i cant find anyone that sells them :lol:

anyways... i think ima stick it on for like a week and see what happens

o and p.s. i have had one taken from me before
it said "cops hate me cause im faster"

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jdmpwr07 said:
There is nothing illegal about it...but if a cop sees that he might be more likely to give you a ticket for something BS :wink:
thats kinda what im saying why bring more attention to yourself?

and i just saw that plate and thought a bunch of cops hitting a white guy on the side of the road and them screaming quit resisting :lol:
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