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Because they fucking care....

Well maybe not care but they do it right.
It's not hard to put pattys on a bun unlike McD's/BK etc...

I can't stand that fucking shit when I use to buy burgers and the Meat was half way off the patty and shit.
I use to work at sonic (which Isnt any better) and it wasnt fucking rocket science to put together a burger.

Everytime I buy a burger at wendy's its good,
The bread doesnt look like its been stepped on and mushed flat like a pancake (like everywhere else, McDs everytime)
the Meat/Patty is always on there almost freaking perfectly, along with the cheese and anything else,

Plain and simple, Wendys is the only place where the burgers you Eat look like the ones on their Menu...

On the other side, Wendys normally has a Slightly more dirty seating area, but their cooking area is always open and pretty clean.


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It's pretty hard to fuck up taco bell

Meat Cheese Tortilla Lettuce.

As long as the meet cheese and lettuce is contained by the tortilla it's all good.

Hell it doesn't even have to be warm.

Then again, I eat a lot of my food cold :?

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random-hero™ said:
taco bell pwns all fast food places. but their dining type area is always dirty too
they use Grade D meat

lol yes there is such a thing and yes it is legal to serve it

and YES they do!


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Fuck the Wendys in Rivergate during the day, the manager is a short cunt with a sorry attitude, my spicy chicken is always damn near hanging off the fucking bun. Its still damn fine tasty, and at night theyre awesome, nice people, everything is put together right. So........Wendys FTW b/c it evens out. END RANT
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