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Will Carma Fix this?

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Hey guys, I know Carma can and will but.
I was wondering if anyones has a ballpark figure for how much itll cost.

I need my Driver Side Rack and pinion mount Cut out, and a new one
welded together and welded in. The only reason I'm not doing it myself
is because I don't have the welder.... or the Metal to weld together.
Plus any business I can throw their way i'm sure they won't mind.
And because I don't wanna be mad if I mess up. lol Not your normal swap etc..
Heres the deal.

This mount,

Here's what mine actually looks like. The hole is for the nut... :Shakes Head:
Yet the hole is still too small for me to fit my skinny finger into...

I mean, I'm sure they wouldn't but I'd take it all apart at their shop
and then let them cut/weld and I'd put it all back together. If that would
cut the cost any, cuz I'm freaking poor broke...
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Threads move fast
It's Thanks Giving.... And I doubt their open tomm.
So I thought untill then Id post up and see what people think.
I wasnt making this for them to see... chill.
Sounds good, Maybe Monday!
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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