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WTB: 04 WRX or STI parts

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Name: Aaron Bingham
Location: Hermitage/Nashville
Price: You tell me how much
Means Of Contact: PM me or text/call 501-472-9468
Description: Any parts. Looking for a WRX trans and some other stuff. STI oem or aftermarket.

As the title says im looking for anything for a 04 WRX/STI.
Really need a 04 WRX trans, need it for my PPG's prefer the trans all together and working fine. Need to put it in my car so i can build the other one.

WRX parts or anything aftermarket
STI parts OEM or aftermarket

Let me know what you have, thanks guys.
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Anybody have anything? need a trans pretty quick.
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Anybody got a trans, thats the important thing, lol
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