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wtb 1 swirly/gsr blade

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Name: Parker
Location: Smyrna
Contact: text 615-962-0127
Item: One(1) Gsr blade with or without tire
Price: the going rate for 1, or cheaper. not really sure.
have CASH in hand
if you have 2 i'll buy them both
i don't need any more than that

i got screwed over on a deal. traded my circuits for blades and he said they had a slight bend in the lip and that you can't feel it when you're driving down the road and i got it tested today and the mothafucker is absolutely bent all to hell and wobbles like a bike that got hit by a car.

UPDATE: if you don't have any blades, i would like to buy one or two tires 195/55/15 with minimal(if not 0) camber wear. looking to have alot of tread left. i really want something directional or whatever but they don't have to match. something tunerish like falken,bfgoodrich,nitto,toyo,yoko,kumho,dunlop,fuzion,etc. and i don't wanna spend more than like 40 bucks a tire at the very most considering i want USED tires.

please help me out!!
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did you find 1 blade? they're expensive. I had to buy one on ebay this summer for $140. Of course it was in mint condition though.
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