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wtb 1 swirly/gsr blade

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Name: Parker
Location: Smyrna
Contact: text 615-962-0127
Item: One(1) Gsr blade with or without tire
Price: the going rate for 1, or cheaper. not really sure.
have CASH in hand
if you have 2 i'll buy them both
i don't need any more than that

i got screwed over on a deal. traded my circuits for blades and he said they had a slight bend in the lip and that you can't feel it when you're driving down the road and i got it tested today and the mothafucker is absolutely bent all to hell and wobbles like a bike that got hit by a car.

UPDATE: if you don't have any blades, i would like to buy one or two tires 195/55/15 with minimal(if not 0) camber wear. looking to have alot of tread left. i really want something directional or whatever but they don't have to match. something tunerish like falken,bfgoodrich,nitto,toyo,yoko,kumho,dunlop,fuzion,etc. and i don't wanna spend more than like 40 bucks a tire at the very most considering i want USED tires.

please help me out!!
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bump for an update!
mounting and balancing is 20 per tire. he told me i'd get the same deal your buddy got, but it turned out to be 270 after everything like waste disposal, mount/balance, installation, warranty, etc. so i just left. i went to this place called tireman and bought a used dunlop with like 65% left for 30 bucks cash mounted and balanced and i'm pleased with it. i was anxious to replace the tire that was showing wire. they were really nice. i'll go back up there if i can't find anyone on here. good ass deals, you just gotta get lucky cause they don't know when more used tires of my size come in
the one i got looks like the bottom of my adidas shoe lol
i'll get a pic in a little while
no i really need one though. doesn't have to be mint. just no bends. i'll be polishing them sometime soon.
anybody have a friend that knows a guy that has one?!?!? i need it quick. will pick up tonight!
i can only afford to buy one blade so please try to find me one!
bump have cash in hand will come tonight!
exams this week, morning bump
appreciated! i'm pretty confident about everything cause senior year is a breeze
i need one!! help me out
dude i wish you lived closer. forreal. how much would you say shipped to 37167??
how are the tires, and will you send me multiple pictures?
1 - 13 of 20 Posts
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