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WTB 92-99 civic hatch, or 91 crx

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like title say's, im looking for a 92-2000 civic hatch, or a 91 crx, must be in great running order. im trying to sell my 92 da with b16 first. but if you wanna trade pm me. my price range is 0-3500 once i sell my da.
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i got my 90 si crx, a eg hatch, and two ek hatches call me 731-589-2211
bump this up, can't buy anydthing now lost my job, trade my da for something

like ski says call.. if you sell your car i have a EK for sale!
i got a 91 crx wit b16a swap an s1 tranny an more mods pm if u want more info if u would like to trade
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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