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WTB a few gauges

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Looking for a couple gauges..... I need

Oil Pressure
Water Temp
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words of advice, dont waste your money on a/f ratio gauge....its a lightshow and thats all. invest in a wideband. check out prosportgauges.com they have good stuff.

also want to add an egt gauge
egt or wideband...essentially same purpose.
boosted ??? said:
egt or wideband...essentially same purpose.
never hurts to have 2 forms of troubleshooting
+1 on the wide band, normal a/f gauges are useless
got an autometer phantom oil psi gauge, 25 bux and its urs
i have a prosport water temp gauge bnib.. pm me about price if interested
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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