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WTB: Aftermaket // Other seats for 99 Accord

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Location: The Boro // Rivergate.
I'm looking to see if anyone has any aftermarket seats or other seats that would fit in my 99 Accord coupe.
I'm hella tired of sweating my balls off with the stock leather seats.
I've sat in some S15 seats which were amazing, but I don't know if they would be able to be put into my car.

Any help on the topic would be appreciated. Thanks for the time.
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I've thought about that before, but they weren't exactly the best feeling seats out there. The Accord seats just seem too wide, or the sides seem too shallow.
Also, I don't know if the cloth comes in a different colour from that tan-ish colour, which would look terrible in my car.
WRX seats - can they be put in my car? I would just need a bracket right?
i got my driver wrx seat son
Still for sale? I need to sit in that ho for real.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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