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Am willing to paypal someone to make a small 4 page site with dreamweaver and send it too me. thanks.
Nothing extravagant.
Shouldnt take any longer than an hour. Will pay $25 to send it with just the pages so i can edit it. Its one of 2 things that have to be turned in the class and i dont want to read a whole book for 2 assignments to pass the class.

home page
About me (just make something up)
hobbies/interest with pictures...(something car related)
favorite links. (car forum sites are good)

Dont really care just something i can turn into class. Let me know if your interested and will fill in some details.
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Paying someone to do your homework? LOL!!

How much are you willing to pay?

Does the site need to have any special coding? XHTML, CSS, etc?
There shouldn't be much to it. Dreamweaver is just an interface to pretty much give you a WYSIWYG editor. It shouldn't take more than and hour and 25 dollars is more than fair.
ok man i will let you know tomm. during or after my class.
Is it something you can send as an attachment in an email?
then i unzip it and save it onto my usb.....open it and walla there it is?

will i need any software converters for the sent assignment?
Dreamweaver publishes it to .html files. You don't need anything special. It can be sent as an attachment.

If the teacher wants it to act like it would on a server it should be laid out as follows:

index.html = homepage
about.html = about me
interests.html = interests and hobbies
links.html = links and favorites
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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