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WTB: EF turn signal/wiper switch!!!

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Name: Josh
Location: Murfreesboro
Price: you tell me!
Contact info: PM or post
I am looking for a turn signal/wiper switch assembly for a ef civic. It needs to be in great/good condition seeing that I dont put shitty junk parts on my car. I have cash in hand or I can trade you some stuff for it( I have a garage full of random shit you can dig through lol). Just let me know what you have. I need this pretty quick!
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BUMP!!! I really need this bad!!!!!
will one off a 91 integra work?
bump for a good guy.. picked up some goodies last night! just lettin u kno.. try pull a part.. i kno theyre out of "junk" cars but if it works it works.. lol
i got ef parts car= good dash/levers- i have one already pulled off eg if that'll work.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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