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wtb: everything to do a manual converion in my s14

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name: jason
price: varies
location: portland
contact: pm or 6157123660

I have decided to keep my 240 and do the 5 speed converion on it. I need everything possible to do the swap with. and I need help doing it as I never have done one. thanks hope I get it all soon I hate drivin an automatic
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Join the club, I'm slowly piecing shit together
spotlight, check your thread. I'm trying to call dibs on the ECU
my friend has almost everything you would need to do the swap. Out of the stuff he has I would recommend the flywheel be resurfaced and the clutch be replaced. Dont forget to buy your pilot bering either.

Oh, his name on here is seNATEr and he just started posting here recently.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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