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WTB: Mustang Wheels ASAP

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Name: John
Location: Murfreesboro
Price: Depending On What It Is

Need some stock wheels for a 2000 body GT Let Me Know What You Got!
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that first link i posted was pretty good

i thought those wheels looked clean and you could probably talk him down some :thumbup:
go for it lol

im thinking about selling the car anyways
***** you cant buy mustang wheels and an integra

money dont grow on damn trees :mrgreen:
u got the cash you got the car lolz

yea i added a Z 8)
after i graduate in december i hope to sell it and geta sti :wink:

anyways buy those damn wheels!
ahh i see

well good luck *** im going to bed
1 - 8 of 30 Posts
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