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WTB: Mustang Wheels ASAP

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Name: John
Location: Murfreesboro
Price: Depending On What It Is

Need some stock wheels for a 2000 body GT Let Me Know What You Got!
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bump need asap
lol daniel ive got those 2 bookmarked already but thanks ***** :thumbup:
Turbo vw said:
i got a set ill sell for 600 ballers :mrgreen:
tires? pics ?
Turbo vw said:
[email protected]_John said:
Turbo vw said:
i got a set ill sell for 600 ballers :mrgreen:
tires? pics ?
lol i was kidding but i do have a set and i would let thim go but tires are shot and no cinter caps
oh lol..pm some pics or something
im good on the 600 status lol
Yea ive had those in mind I was just checking to see what people on here had :thumbup:
Thanks amir but im just trying to find something to roll on im just getting it to sale. Eclipse can you get me pics?
AutoLuxuryGTR said:
you suck John! Lol no problem man let me know need them out of my garage/
8) making room fo da lambo! :shock:
Daniel15mtsu said:
that first link i posted was pretty good

i thought those wheels looked clean and you could probably talk him down some :thumbup:
Ima take yo wheels lil bitch! :shock:
Daniel15mtsu said:
go for it lol

im thinking about selling the car anyways
lol let me get it for the low dan the man :mrgreen:
Daniel15mtsu said:
***** you cant buy mustang wheels and an integra

money dont grow on damn trees :mrgreen:
Watch me lol 8)
Daniel15mtsu said:
u got the cash you got the car lolz

yea i added a Z 8)
Daniel15mtsu said:
after i graduate in december i hope to sell it and geta sti :wink:

anyways buy those damn wheels!
I know right im not trying to fuck with buying tires lol
Daniel15mtsu said:
ahh i see

well good luck *** im going to bed
lol don't wake up with your boxers on backwards :thumbup:
1 - 15 of 30 Posts
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