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WTB: S13 Parts/Turbo Parts

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I'm looking for S13 parts. Mostly SOHC parts, or DOHC block. Anything you have post up and I'll see what I want. Also interested in turbo parts for 240's.
I would also consider buying a whole car, don't care if it runs or not if the price is right.

Short throw Shifter, Suspension, Motor parts, Cold Air, etc.
Also need radiator and mass air flow.
Any body parts/Wheels will also be considered.

Post up any parts you have though. Still may be interested.
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SR t25 no shaft play, s13 electric fan, piggy lip, clutch fan, brake booster, DOHC Maf, AC compressor and bracket (not sure if its SR or KA, ill check), maybe some more stuff. PM me with some offers if interested.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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