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WTB: S14 Kouki Front End Parts, S13 Aero/Body Kit

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Name : Matt Hughes
Contact: PM, Reply, call or text 270-985-3020
Price: WTB

Found somthing i kinda wanna work on..Looking for teh following s14 kouki front end parts:

Bumper Cover
Core Support
Maybe Fenders

Let me know, for now im seeing whats available but i'll more than likely be buying. Also looking for clean S13 Coupe Aero, not concerned about condition or color really. Let me know.

thanks in advance
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It's true that the complete front clip can go for 2500 but i've seen JDM 97 front clips for 1200 and they are 100% complete check JHot on EBAY
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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