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WTB: valve cover &....

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I need to buy a valve cover (4g63) for a gst 95 eclipse. No cracks please!!! Mines cracked and is spitting oil everywhere!

Also I want a 97-99 front bumper back bumper would be nice to but really need a front now!

And a set of stock head lights or the halo projectors!

I live in the knoxville area!
Pm me or txt/call 865209-9818
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Need a valve cover asapppppp!
my buddy has one if you will give him your old 1 i bet he will sell it.
Well have him call me but why would I give him mine and pay him for it haha? Or do you mean giving him my cracked one plus money lol. I'm up and free all the time so just have him call me thanksss! Let him know I'm looking for one ASAP
he wants the cracked one so his head wont just be wide open, but the only bad thing is im from lebanon
How far is that from knoxville? I'm still really new to the area. Don't know where many places are
. But ya I'd give him the cracked one
about 2 and a half hours, really not worth the drive
Ya, well that's gay! I def need to move towards nashville! Well if anyone knows someone with a valve cover please let me know!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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