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wtb/wtt 4 a gsr header

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As you can see im looking for a b18 header, let me know what you got. I have a n20 kit and alot of other stuff i can trade, if you want cash list the price when you post

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what are you lookin to pay for a header?
it really depends on the brand, what you got?

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hey man i pm'd you my number about the jmags for some slips but i never got a reply or anything. still interested?
I have a b series header, not positive on the brand, I can look for it when i go home this weekend
i have a b18 421 header
let me know what you guys want for them, a cash price or some parts your interested in

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hey i like a n20 kit how about a dc sport ceramic header 4-2-1
i think i might be getting rid of the my car today, but if not im definitly interested in the dc header. ill let you know later tonight
dude what all do u have to trade for a header
i no longer need a header, traded my car and my new toy is rockin a RSR header
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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