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Wts: HID's

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Name: kyrstin
Location: nashville
Price: 30 obo
Contact: PM me
Just want to get rid of these ill have pictures up later.
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are you guys really that stupid...look up the size bulb for her housings...dipshits.

97 240sx
She's got a Zenki therefore she has different sized bulbs then the '97-98s.

Having HIDs makes you a ricer if it's not OEM btw.

GL kid
dumbfuck, i'm talking about an OEM retro-fit. God, people these days...
I'll just assume you have an HID kit in your honda (probably w/yellow fogs), therefore I'll ignore your statement
just ignore richard. he thinks everyone is a ricer...lol

he even calls me ricer...cuz im the top notch ricer... :)
People just don't understand how much I hate HID kits. Casey def. knows because of how much shit I talk in person when I see them, lol. :D
Haha, I am very good at taking shit off-topic^^

ANYWAYS, back to the original point of the thread. GL w/the sale on your little kit kid
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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