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For sale 2 MB drifter 16x7 with brand new nitto tires
Came off of a 94 honda civic coupe
Front and rear DC strut bars and DC lower tie bar
fits 92 thru 2000 civic coupe or hatch

Chad sutton 678-794-1170 nashville, tn

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You need to learn to read......

Marketplace rules
1st. When selling/buying you must post all the needed information with pictures, if you dont have all of this information ready dont post.

Item and description (pics included)
Contact information

2nd. Excessive bumping will result in the thread being deleted and/or locked, and username will be banned. You get one "bump" per day (24 hour period)

3rd. You MUST have 25 posts or more to post in this forum.

4th. Keep all threads in this forum ON TOPIC or deletion/lock/ban will be swift. I walk softly and carry a BANHAMMER.

If you do not like the rules now i am sorry...you dont have to buy or sell anything here.
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