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WTS/WTT 1991 Eagle Talon TSI

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Item: 1991 Eagle Talon TSI
Price: Make offer for sale or trade
Location: Hohenwald TN
PM me or just txt me at 931 306 8783 if you have any questions.
Description: 16G Turbo, FMI, 550CC injectors, New Turbo Header, Rebuilt motor 5,000 miles on it, body has 133,000 on it. Exhaust, all drive line is brand new also. 18in MSR racing wheels w/ brand new Falkin tires, Memory guages Oil press, water temp, boost, tach. Lowering springs, makes 15psi for daily driver but can run perfect at 23psi.

The Good: Car has brand new tires, Car pulls and runs strong, Interior is in good shape for a 91, Very fun to drive

The Bad: Injectors are a little big so sometimes loads up if just idling for a long time but would prolly work perfect with a good tune, Clear coat is starting to fad and flake off on the front bumper, Has a couple small rust spots on the passenger side fender.

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need more info AWD what was done in rebild what you looking to trade for posobly interisted look in sig
No its not AWD just FWD. And It got a full rebuild, rings, rods, seals, cam, etc. It is a very nice car just looking for something a little diff. Dont really know wat i want just tell me wat u got and i will let u know.
Fix info according to rules.

Its also a year old
hahah branging thim back from the dead hahahaha lolo
is ur name dave or david?
who u talking to?

u reliz this guy hasent loged into the sight sens april
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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