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Wts/wtt 87 Blazer 4x4. $900 or trade for Honda/Nissan Shell

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Name: Corey
Location: Elizabethton, TN
Means of Contact: PM, post in thread.
Price: $900 or trades.

I have more in the car than i'm selling it for.

History: My dad fixed this Blazer at his shop, rebuilding the engine, and he also installed a new column. The customers declined to pay for the repairs, so it sat at his shop for a year or so. I applied for a title for it, and got it. Since it's been in my ownership, i've installed used Fuel Injectors, A New Alternator, New Upper Radiator Hose, New Battery, and a New Fuel Filter, and fuel pump. It has right at 141k on the odometer, with the rebuild being less than 2000 miles ago.

Interior: 6/10 Interior is a little dirty. Majority of dirt is in passenger's seat. Driver's side seat is loose in the back, so if you push on it from the back it rocks forward. Also has a small tear in the driver's seat on the left side. Rear seats and rear floorboards are in pretty decent condition. The trunk area has a hole in the carpeting showing the roughness of it. Car currently has no headliner as it was already sagging badly, and affecting vision while I was driving. Car has a clarion CD Player, Pioneer GM-X262 Amp, and no name Sub. All of the dash gauges work and are correct. Has Power windows, Ice Cold A/C converted to R134a, Cruise Control. The Left window does not roll down, but it's a very cheap fix from what I know. I may fix it if I feel inclinded.The Dash has several cracks around the front speaker areas.

Exterior: 6/10 Exterior looks decent. Paint isn't exactly shiny, but a good clay bar/wax could help it out a lot. The biggest issue is three rust spots, which you can see the in the picture. One on the driver's side infront of the wheel, one on the passenger's side infront of the wheel and a smaller one on the passanger's side behind the wheel. It has a towing ball ont he back, connected to the frame, not the bumper. Grill/Headlight Covers/Front Bumper have all been rattle canned black. Looks decent. Tires are decent all around.

Engine: 9/10 Engine runs completely fine. Does not overheat, make noise, accelerate funny, anything. Has no problems at all that I can think of. Being a 2.8, it doesn't have very much power but it does run perfectly. Only problem being that the 4 Wheel Drive doesn't work, which is due to the vacuum hoses and is a cheap fix.

The Cliffnotes:

- Runs Great
- Doesn't smell.
- Rebuilt Engine
- A/C, Cruise Control, Power Windows.

- Rust
- Bad interior
- No Power.

All in all it would make a great Daily Driver, which is what i've been using it for. You could also use it to haul things. Also what i've used it for. Thanks for looking. Price is $900. Or would like to trade for a nice Honda /Nissan 240 Shell.


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