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WTT clean silvia s12-200sx- for a 240

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FS/FT clean silvia s12-200sx- for a 240

i am looking to trade my s12 for a running driving 240sx but it must be a 5 speed
let me know what you have and if its nice i have a few hundred to add on my end.
my spes
-1984 nissan 200sx--Silvia S12
-5 speed
-2nd engine i am told
-CA20E engine
-daily driver 100 miles a day when in school
- newer clutch less the 8k ago
- s13 front seats
-gutted rear but have almost everything excluding the rear seats
-88 SE v6 cowl hood have the stock hood if you want it
-88 se spoiler
-14x7+0 enkei 92 wheels
-new tires
-5% tint on the sides
-cracked wind sheild
-99% RUST FREE!!
-removed ac but still have everything but the tensiner but i can get one if you want it
-custom solid steel shit knob weighs about a pound
-mk2 corner lights
-lowered 2 inches from before install on canuck motorsports springs( only company that makes springs for the s12)
- pioneer head unit
-RWD last of the 200sx that was not bastardized
price is $2250obo or trade for a 240sx 5 speed

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Keep it, CA18ET swap this bitch, and call it a day 8)
lol i want a clean 240 though lol i know i will never find another clean s12 like his one but i mean i you cant have your cake and eat it too. and you all must really like the s12 cause i kep hearing to keep it
shiet. sr swapped s12s are beast. keep this thing man.
I see.... Well guys, just remember this thing here is a real classic...So just don't try a lowball him with some POS s13 and shit.... This thing here has so much more character that most cars out there today :thumbup:
because its different. you stuck out at the s chasis meet cuz no one had one... for 2250 you wont get a fantastic 240.. i say keep this AE86 lol jk
i know i wont get a fantastic 240 but i just want one that is almost as clean as this.
come on some body give me a christmas present , buy this thing or trade me a 240
i'm goin with everyone else... keep it me and my buddy were talking about it at BNC i paked next to you in the ef sedan. they are awesome cars and RARELY see em on the road.

but if you wanna trade it then by all means go ahead... i am just throwin my .02 out there
i see will see what offers i get if it dosent sell its not a big deal.
boycott the sale of this car everyone!! lol j/k. its a nice car. if you do sell it make sure the person buying it isnt going to destroy it ok?
i will do my best what is the obbsession with this car lol
i will do a price drop for christmas till friday 2000 and you get a psp
im a nissan guy. i love s chassis. s12s are hard to come by and hardly in the condition of yours. 240s are a pain at times but i still love them :D hope whatever happens you end up with a nice car and not some beater.
Cool car man, I want one!
Cool car man, I want one!
it can be yours tonight for 2k i have my eyes set on a 240
some one make me an offer i cant refuse...... like tonight
I would if I didn't have so many toys already, good luck with your sell
lol i understand. i been there and done that
damn i hate to see it go. hopefully someone who respect it will get it.
1 - 20 of 55 Posts
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