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WTT/FS 1987 325i BMW E30 Convertible

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Name- Jeremiah Swaw

Item and description (pics included)

1987 BMW 325i Convertible
170,000 miles
Tenn. Title

Color- White, Black rockers, black pinstripe
Flaws- Driver side paint on the 1/4 is cracking. Needs a top

Condition- Back seat sucks, one crack in the dash, needs a radio, Front seats suck although I could throw in some good condition E36 seats that you can put in it. Carpet could use a shampooing, and needs a shifter

Motor/Drive Train/Suspension
No Muffler, previous owner cut it off at the axle, so it'll need an axle back exahust welded up

H&R Front springs
Bilstein struts
Bilstein shocks
(this suspension will only need rear springs, and also isnt installed)

the brakes will need service as well, they're squeaking

As is right now since it needs alot of things ill say 1800$ with the suspension, seats, and the extras. $1350 with out all the extra's.

Im entertaining trades on this items:
E30 325i Coupe
EG Hatch
Honda Swaps (H22, B-sereies, or K-series parts)
Canon Rebel XTI with extra goodies (lenses, tripod, case, and the rest of the works)

Cadiz, KY 42211

Contact information
1-270-871-6809 (text me during the hours of 7am-6pm b/c of work) Call anytime after
[email protected]

Note: this car can be driven

These are the crappy pics I have from my cell phone, wheels arent on the car

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Bump G/L with sale if i had money laying around id pick this little thing up quick
bump for an exceptionally straight car..especially for the price
will trade my blue E30, my m50 swap, and this car for something...a 2 for 1 deal
do you have any better pics
maybe one with the top up
and other ones of the body that arnt blurry
pm me more pics of the car thxs
bump it up...trade for a EF or CB7?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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