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wtt- ps3 and gta4 for nice camera

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wtt- ps3 and gta4 for nice camera or cool verizon phone

contact-pm or text at 6157123660
item for sale-playstation 3 and stuff
reason for sell- want a camera or new phone
price- trade/obo

description -I have a pretty new 40 gig ps3 that I got just a couple of days ago. it works fine but like the day after I got it the video cord(i believe) went out.
I went to gamestop and they checked it out and sid that's what it needed.
haven't played it since day before yesterday.

the guy at gamestop said that it was a cheap and easy fix if that's what it is. he said he was pretty sure it is

it comes with grand theft auto 4 and two sixaxis wireless controllers.

I would like to trade for a camera and some equipment or cash or a new cool verizon phone

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text me or PM me how much cash you want
only me.. better do it before i cahnge my mind....
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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