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Keep bumper diffuser trim silver or get it painted Matte Black

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Well since its almost been a year of ownership of my car I wanted to post some pics of how far it has come and it has not come 2 far and is not even close to done in my mind.

Stock, first day of ownership:

LUX 4.0 arrived!!

Euro Switch


M6 reps:

H&R Sports:

E46 ZHP Short Shift Knob:

Feisenmann Feisterchaft:

Brakes Hubs Fixed using DIY:

M-tech Tri Color Steering wheel:

AFE Intake:

Little Photoshoot of it:

6000K D1S Bulbs:

M-tech kit Installed:

Future plans are once I save enough money for more mods are....

1) HID Fogs
2) Euro Xenon's
3) Vorsteiner Lip/ 3D/3M Design lip
4) Different rims
5) Black/Shadowline window trim
6) M3 Trunk/Lip Spoiler

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Looks good man.

For any BMW owner, a warranty is a great thing to have. BMW gives it up the ass to it's buyers, but does however give out fun loaner cars... :)

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GGP2JZ said:
HRE's done with the black finish.

Some sort of interior overlay to hide the awful wood grain
I have been thinkin about HRE, DPE, BBS or something, just not sure yet until I save up enough
money for rims as this has pretty much emptied the bank account.

I cant do an interior overlay on the wood trim, I have to swap it out. I have been thinking
Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, or Piano Black trim. Aluminum is the cheapest of the three
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