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Hey here are a few videos of some of my runs at We Aint Finished. All the videos were take by my mom who is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I had a great time at the event. I apologize to everyone else there for not getting video of them since my mom was the one filming.

They get progressively better the further down you go on the list.








Let me know what you think (^_^)

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Damn your good Yoshi....I just wished you coulda drove my car

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@ Adler, Thanks man. Give me a month or so lol (>_<)

@Vinnie I appreciate it man. There will be other events (^_-)

@James haha hell yeah hoes for life... I mean bros for life (>_>)

@Capone and abdoice23 Thank you both very much (^_^)

There everyone got a cool text face lol.

I felt really comfortable with my car all day. My first 2 runs of each run group were rough just because there was a big space in time between run groups and I would have to get back into it. It was a fun layout and let you go all out pretty much the whole time.

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Hell yeah yoshi!!! Looks like you do better on a track than on the bumpy winding ass backroads to Adler's!!

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Thanks every one I had a lot of fun. I gave a bunch of people rides too I think I was a lone for 3 runs lol. Thats fine with me tho I like taking people for rides. So if any of you see me at an event don't hesitate to ask for a ride.

@sigurd You should have gone for a ride

@ Brad and Matt lol yeah I really would not mind an SR XD

@Gen2_4door lol the parking lot was a bit smoother

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Well apparently durring the forum switch I lost my build thread. So I guess I will turn this into it.

Any how for those of you who don't know here is a list of stuff done to my car so far.


95 KA block w/ 91 KA head w/ hot cam swap
Aem intake that came w/ the car
test pipe
catback that scrapes the ground and apparently throws big sparks

Drive train

Used oem replacement clutch (>_<)
ISIS Short Throw
Welded diff for events, open for daily


Stance GR+ Pro coilovers 8k fron 6k rear w/ helper springs
SPL outer tie rods w/ bump stop adjustments
Moog Z32 inner tie rods w/ SPL Steering angle spacers
SPL Tension rods


Brembo Blank discs
Hawk HPS pads

Wheels and Tires:

15x7 +0 Enkei 92's
Dunlop Dirrezza DZ101s

I have an ISIS radiator coming as well as an ISIS SS clutch line.

And last but not least here is a video from Welcome Back of some of my runs. It's kinda long but tandem is towards the end. I am horrible at editing too btw.

I want to thank SED and TO for putting on an awesome event!
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